Requesting/Accepting offer

How will I receive my offer?

After our initial onsite inquiry, a “SoldKey” service consultant will review all data and any issues that contribute to the value of the property in its current condition. (E.g. safety issues, condition of exterior, roof, landscaping, interior paint, wall paper, damaged windows/flooring etc.) We then will present you with a competitive purchase offer within 24 Hours.

How long is offer valid?

Your offer is good for 7 calendar days.

How quickly can I close and move?

“You Choose—We can start the process as quickly as you need. (Typically, anywhere from 5 to 90 days).

What happens after I sign?

Once the contract is signed, “SoldKey” will open escrow and deposit a down payment, usually the next business day. We will be in contact with you to schedule your home inspection.

When do I open escrow?

Your home will go into escrow as soon as the purchase agreement has been signed with “SoldKey”.

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