Inspection Process

Why is an Inspection required?

A third-party inspection of the home is done to make sure the condition of the home is suitable for sale.

When is the inspection done?

The inspection will take place after the purchase agreement has been signed by both parties. Usually within 2-3 days after the contract has been signed.

Who does the home inspection?

“SoldKey” uses independent third-party home inspectors to perform the formal inspection at no charge to the homeowner.

What happens during the inspection process?

The inspector will look to see everything is up to code and to advise if the seller would have to repair any items for safety/ lending reasons. Some issues may include A/C, furnace, electrical, foundation, roof, termite damage, plumbing, pool and spa issues etc.

What if the inspection process uncovers any issues?

You have 3 options if the inspector determines repairs are required:

  1. You can agree to credit the repair expenses to “SoldKey” at closing. (No money out of pocket, or work done by you).
  2. You can pay to have a licensed contractor make all the required repairs before closing. All repairs must be completed to current building codes.
  3. You can choose to not move forward with the purchase agreement. Note: repairs will likely need to be addressed regardless if you sell to us or try to sell traditionally. A traditional buyer will typically want these same issues fixed (or credited) before they agree to purchase your home.

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